Hangover Lobsters is a Montreal-based rock band founded by bassist Doghouse West, singer multi-instrumentalist Slim Gun and drummer Sunny V. Jones.

Their sound can best be described as a blend of influences ranging from 60's Swamp Rock, 70's Brit rock and 20th century Hip Hop. Their common interest in road movies and Film Noir have given their songs a story-telling dimension from which they recount impossible romances in dystopian worlds.


Original Hangover Lobsters compositions have found their way onto movie soundtracks (Le Garagiste, Ceci n'est pas un polar).  And their cover rendition of Junior Parker's "Mystery Train" on the 2016 West Trainz release Train Songs (L-A Be) is testimony of the band's versatility and chemistry.

The Hangover Lobsters released their self-titled debut LP on June 8 2017 (available on vinyl or digital download only).